Wedding Perfume Testing – Flowers By Kenzo L’Elixir

So, everyone wants a gorgeous perfume to wear on their wedding day! One that stands out and will remind you of your special day in years to come. I did this for my wedding day and every time I smell the perfume that I chose, it takes me right back to our wedding! The problem is I only have a tiny bit left and can’t bring myself to use it!
The first perfume that I’ve chosen to test on here is Flowers By Kenzo L’Elixir and here is my little trial size pack that was given to me by

I was really pleased with this perfume and how lovely it was!
It has a floral scent to it with a hint of raspberry and vanilla and would be perfect for a night out or a special occasion when you want something a bit different but still modern!
Its quite strong so it hits you straight away so probably isn’t a good idea to spay half the bottle all over yourself! I did find after a couple of hours that this calmed down a bit but I could still smell it on myself.
I think one spray of this perfume is enough and maybe add more later on in the day as my husband did comment on it as soon as he walked through the door! He also said hours later that he could still
smell it and it was getting a bit sickly.

The price of this perfume is £66.50 for a 50ml bottle so is quite expensive but I did google and noticed that some places have a 30ml bottle for around the £40 mark so this can be done cheaper if you shop around.
I would give this 7/10 as it is a beautiful perfume but not ideal if your looking for something a bit lighter and not so powerful.
Let us know if you have a certain perfume for your special occasions that you would like to share with other brides!

Thanks for reading!

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