Hi everyone! I’ve got lots of new beauty products to test and share with you over the next few weeks!
Loads of these are perfect for your wedding day, hen party or that special occasion!
Today’s beauty product is from The Body Shop and it’s their Grapeseed Glossing Serum that’s advertised to help with frizz and to give gloss and shine to your hair.
Now I wouldn’t say I have very frizzy hair but it does go quite dull and can get a bit dry as I’ve coloured my hair for years.

So I ordered my product through The Body Shop At Home and it came in a little easy to use 75ml pump bottle like this.
Price – £7 BUT I only paid £4.20 as The Body Shop At Home had an amazing 40% off most products and gifts!

I know that I should use products on my hair to make it look it’s best but I have to admit that it’s something I seem to forget about so I was interested to see if this product would change anything?

You only need a small amount in your hand to smooth through your hair and although it can be used on towel dried hair, I used it once my hair was dry as either way is fine.
I applied two pumps of the serum as my hair is quite long and that was enough for hair that is past shoulder length and not very thick.

The first thing I noticed was the lovely fragrance, but it’s not over the top or overpowering!              My hair felt lovely and not at all greasy as you would expect with a serum.
Through the day I found my hair felt soft and had more of a shine! I also felt like my hair had more body and wasn’t made to feel heavy as some products seem to do.
 I’ve started to use it everyday after I’ve dried my hair and have found a product that I will continue to buy!
This product is lovely for everyday use, washes out easy and is quick to apply to your hair.

Another bonus that I found with this product was by accident, using it on my daughters hair!
As she always wants to try the products that I test, I let her have what was left on my hands one day on her hair ( just to keep her happy really!)
Around 20 minutes later I came to style her hair and found it so easy to get the brush through her hair!
Now anyone who lives within two miles of my house could probably tell you when my child is having her hair done! So she’s now happy to have her hair done and I’m sure I now have happier neighbours! 🙂

My score – 10 out of 10 Love it!
Hubby test – Pass
I’m also including a daughter test for this one – Pass!

Please feel free to comment and let everyone know if you’ve used this yourself! I would love to hear what you think about this product.
Thanks for reading

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