Wedding First Dance – Can Men Do It Better?

Anyone stressing about their first dance? Lots of couples worry about what song to have, how to dance and how many guests will be watching if your not comfortable with dancing in front of people!

When I got married we picked a song that we both loved, that we could do a slow dance too and asked the bridal party to all join us about 30 seconds in, so everyone wouldn’t see how bad we are at dancing 🙂
Now there are so many options out there!
There is the traditional slow dance, the whole wedding party flash dance and the bride and bridesmaids dance!
So I thought it would be fun on the blog to share some of the best dances that I’ve seen on YouTube to give you all some ideas if your thinking of doing something a bit different.
I started to look through lots of YouTube clips and found some great dances that must have taken years to learn! Some great, some not as great but all of them where fun!

Then I came across quite a few men that had organised their own dance to surprise the bride! and I have to say some of them where amazing!
This got me thinking about all the years that it’s been more of a bride thing to be comfortable with the first dance, can the men actually do it better!!! 
Anyway I decided to share some of the best men’s wedding dances! See what you think, Enjoy!

Thank you for reading! Let us know if you’ve planned anything different for your first dance and feel free to share your pictures with us! 

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