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This weeks blog is about the fabulous About To Be Hitched! They have so many beautiful products to choose from including your save the dates, wedding invitations and table plans!

If your looking for something a bit different and personalised for your special day then take a look at the wooden products on their website!


Wooden Wedding Stationery
Have you received a piece of wooden wedding stationery in the post before? If you haven’t then it may sound like an idea that is unusual, yet inspiring and unique…and these are the thoughts that every engaged couple wants their guests to think when they discover their stunning wedding stationery in the post! For those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing these little treasures among the wedding stationery of a couple you have attended a wedding of, then you will know exactly what we’re saying when we say that wooden wedding stationery is just incredible!
Every item is custom cut upon request of the happy couple and exquisitely presented in such a way that each piece gives off a some-what loving and personal ambience to the beholder. These products are personalised; the happy couple’s names can be shown, the date for their wedding, and so-on. The theme of the stationery is often customisable too, weather heart symbols are presented, decorative motifs, birds or butterflies…designers often provide their customers with the opportunity to request design specifics that will personalise their items even further.
Hand painted wooden products show the artistic talent that has gone into every brush stroke and every shade of colour that have been carefully selected and displayed. A great deal of time and thought are put into them, and this really shines through every item that is created. This method also opens up the prospect to add further detail by gluing on items such as buttons or fabric flowers, for why should we not explore the opportunity to make these little works of art 3D?
Laser engraved stationery provides a ‘must touch’ experience, and exposes the wood grain to showcase its natural splendour. Everyone one who comes into contact with them cannot resist touching them, for the wonder of how they were created and how the engraved markings feel under their fingertips is too much of a temptation to ignore. They also work alongside of any colour scheme because their surface is simple and pure, leaving open the chance to inject colour into the wedding through flowers, bridesmaid dresses and other wedding stationery items.
There is plenty of wedding related stationery created from wood available, and it is yours for the taking! From save the dates, to individual place names, table numbers and personalised wedding favours, wooden wedding stationery can be handcrafted into a variety of shapes, sizes, and uses, leaving opportunities wide open and our imaginations free to run wild. You can even purchase guest book drop boxes! This is a new approach to asking wedding guests to leave an everlasting mark on the joyous occasion. Signed wooden hearts are dropped into a magnificent personalised wooden fame which exhibits every message that has been left by the guests attending the wedding. They look stunning while they are stood on the gift table within the venue. After the big day, they will be presented within the home of the newlyweds, as a permanent reminder of everyone who witnessed and enjoyed their unforgettable day.

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