30 Day Wedding Planning Challenge! Day 1

Happy Monday everyone! It’s day 1 of our 30 day planning challenge!
I know everyone will be at different stages of their planning but you can still follow our ideas and add them in along the way 🙂 See how much you can get done in just 30 days!
Our first idea is very simple! Get yourself a folder! doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that has plastic wallets in or space for you to put your own.
Give each part of your planning a separate wallet eg florist, photographers etc and as you gather your prices and details for each one, keep them together to make them easy to compare!
This works really well if you go to wedding fairs as you probably already know you come away with about 5000 leaflets 🙂
Once you’ve picked your supplier you can throw the other information away and just keep your prices , booking information for the one you’ve chosen!
Give it a try and see how much easier it is to keep track!
Speak tomorrow!

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