Wedding Planning Challenge! Day 3!

Hi everyone! Its day 3 and today’s post is about the guest list!
Now I know most people put off siting down together to write up a guest list but the sooner you start it the better.
Now you’ve worked out your budget, this is the best time to make a start on that guest list to give you an idea of numbers. It doesn’t have to be exact numbers and it will probably change as you go along with your planning so just see that its giving you a rough idea at the moment.
Organising a guest list now will help when your looking at venues as some need a minimum amount of guests and others will have a maximum.
You will also get a good idea of how much your food will cost on the day, chair covers and favours etc.
Having a rough idea of your numbers early will mean you can let guests know early on if they can bring a partner or friend and also if those with children will need a sitter or not.
Make a start on that list today!
Thank you for joining! 🙂

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