30 Day Planning Challenge – Day 4

Hi everyone! Hope your all starting to get organised with your wedding planning!
Today have a think about what colours you’d like if you’ve not already picked them.
Do you and your partner have favourite colours? Maybe these can be put together?
Think about what time of year your big day will be, you might want to go for light pink, lemon or pale colours if you have a spring wedding? Or maybe reds and purples for a winter wedding?
Have a play around with colours and have a try at mixing them with silver or gold to give a bit of sparkle or glamour! Just white with silver or gold is beautiful! 
Don’t forget to try and do a little bit of planning each day even if it’s just something really small, you’ll soon see it build up to your organised wedding!
Let us know if you’ve already picked your colours and what you decided to go with! xx

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