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Hi everyone! Hope your wedding planning is going well and your enjoying every minute?

I’m sure lots of you have started to look at wedding beauty products to use on the run up to your big day and have tried to find some affordable skincare products that wont break the bank?

Not sure about you but I find that I need a loan first to buy my skincare and then I spend most of my time worried the kids are going to use it!

Well this beauty product could be perfect for you! Simple Hydrating Moisturiser!
To start, let me tell you that for years and years I have spent a small fortune on a really expensive brand of moisturiser for my skincare routine and I’ve always stuck to the same one as many of us do!

Wedding beauty skincare - simple moisturiser
Simple Moisturiser

As usual I let my moisturiser run out and didn’t have time to go for more as its not a brand that every shop sells.
This led to me just grabbing one off the shelf in my local supermarket thinking its better than nothing until I can get my usual expensive, works better because it costs more moisturiser???

So the next morning I tried it and thought OK its not bad for now, its fine for a couple of days until I get more.
Around four weeks later and I’m still using it and haven’t bothered with getting my usual £20 + products! It takes a few days to feel the difference so don’t try it once and then give up.
My skin has felt so soft and lovely that I will definitely stick with this one! Not that I don’t like my old one, its just for a price difference of around £20 for something that made my skin feel even better then why not?
I’ve now gone on to buy the face wash too and added that to my daily routine.

These products have no artificial perfume, colour or chemicals so its gentle on your skin and its also easy to use and affordable.

Directions – Apply to your face and neck twice a day morning and night, using upward and outward movements. You don’t need loads but give it a good few days to feel the difference!

Price – £2.50!! My lovely local supermarket had a special offer on beauty products and also had 3 for 2 if anyone is looking for a few products to try.

Beauty Score – 9/10

Hubby test – Happy I’m not spending over £20 on moisturiser anymore!!!

Let us know what you think of this product or any others that you have tried! Hope this helps with your wedding beauty planning!
Speak soon!

                                           Michelle xx

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