Bridal Shoes Ivory or Colour?

Anyone still looking for their wedding shoes? Or finding it hard to pick from some of the gorgeous wedding shoes out there?

Not sure if you should go for a traditional white and ivory shoe or to go a bit different and add a touch of colour to your wedding outfit?

I’ve been taking a look at what’s around at the moment and there are so many different styles and colours of shoes to choose from!

Check out for their fantastic range of bridal shoes from around £70. If your amazing and can walk in high heels ( I wouldn’t last the morning! ) then take your pick from this lovely shop, they also have lots of smaller heels and also flats!

I found my wedding shoes from Rainbow Club in the bridal shop that I bought my wedding dress from and they were really comfortable to wear all day.

Lots of brides are now buying ballet style shoes or trainers to change into for the evening party so they are ready to dance all night!

Asos are fabulous for shoes! Perfect for any budget and also have other brand names such as Dune.
They have next day delivery if your in a rush and I’ve noticed there is a little sale on at the moment!
The shoes below are just an example of what they have!

Bridal Shoes ivory or colour?              Bridal shoes ivory or colour?

Bridal shoes ivory or colour?Bridal Shoes ivory or colour?

As seen on our blog recently these bright pink shoes are from Next and would be gorgeous under a white or ivory dress! The lovely blue shoes are only £14 from Asda if your after a bargain!
Pink Weddings!
Something Blue!

Bridal Shoes ivory or colour?                       Bridal shoes ivory or colour?

So far in 2017 colour wedding shoes have been a big hit! Picking shoes to match your wedding colours is a fab way to add a splash of colour to the bride and this can easily be done with Rainbow Club!
If you take a look on their website you’ll see they have a range of shoes that are dyeable and there are loads of colours to choose from.
All you need to do is find a stockist and pop down there to try your choice of wedding shoes on and pick your colour. They will then send them off to dye and once they are ready the shoes will come back to the shop ready for you to collect! There is a part of the website where you can look at the shoes and change the colours to get an idea of what they will look like.
Have fun trying out the range of colours and let us know how you get on!
Bridal shoes ivory or colour?

Bridal shoes ivory or colour?
Send in your pictures of your wedding shoes and let us share them with other brides and grooms on here!    
Thanks for visiting! 
                                   Michelle xx

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