Moisture Bomb Face Mask – Review

Hi everyone! I’ve heard lots of people talking about the new Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask lately so couldn’t miss out on testing it for the blog!
I thought it might be interesting to see if its worth using to help prepare your skin for your wedding day.

It’s a super hydrating revitalising face mask so perfect if your skin looks a bit dull and could do with brightening up!

It rehydrates skin
Reduces the look of fine lines
Revives Radiance


I’ve made a little video clip to give you the directions of how to use it so you’ll need to click on the link,  the tissue mask is fab as it only takes 15 minutes to use! Perfect if you don’t have a lot of spare time.

Easy to open foil pack
One folded mask inside
Unfold mask and place onto the face, blue side facing out
Remove protective layer
Leave for 15 minutes

Face Mask Directions Youtube

I will warn you that this face mask looks hilarious on and I did give my 12 year old son the fright of his life!
I certainly wouldn’t answer the front door to anyone wearing this! My husband said something about a horror film???

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask - Beauty Testing                                Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask - Beauty Testing

Anyway I followed the instructions, left it for 15 minutes and peeled it off, its as quick as that!
Wipe away anything left from the mask and your done!
I would definitely use one of these again, maybe a once a week treat for my face? My skin felt really refreshed and smooth after the use of this mask so perfect for wedding skincare!
Score – 8/10
Sons score – frightened!
Hubby score – Horror film!
Price – £1 shop around because I’ve seen this at a higher price in a few shops
Let us know if you’ve used this before and feel free to send in any photos!
                                  Michelle   xx

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