New Year!

Ok so I know it’s a bit late but happy new year to everyone in my first post of 2018!

I’m sure lots of you can now say your wedding is this year and your ready to start your planning!
So exciting!!!
I’ve not posted as much over the last few weeks with Christmas and new year. The kids are off school but things are starting to get back to normal ish this week so I’ll be back on here more.

I’ve also been busy with Pretty Things By Michelle recently! Sewing some new wedding garters and printing personalised ribbon with a ten month old baby at home. Going back to what I started with, in the business before I had my maternity leave.
I’ve already started on some new items for this year for hen parties, not sure if you’ve seen the booty veils? I love them! So fun and something a bit different.

Lots of ideas and new things I’d love to do on here this year starting over the next few weeks before the kids are off again!
I’d really like to include children and families on here somehow as its what I spend a ton of my time doing, I’m just not sure how yet so we’ll see.
Let me know if you have any ideas!
I have 3 children from teenager age to a young baby so have lots I could share about on here!

I have included a picture without the teenager! He would never forgive me if I shared a photo of him on here! Think I probably need to persuade him with money?

I’ve also added a picture of myself for anyone who is new to the blog so you have some idea of who your talking to 👍

Speak soon!
Michelle xx


New Year Photo
New Year Photo
New Year Photo
New Year Photo



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