Should We Keep Our Wedding Accessories?

So I wanted to share this with you as I thought it may help someone else! Are you unsure about keeping any of your wedding accessories after the big day?

I see lots of couples selling or giving things away once their wedding day has gone, you can’t blame them as we spend so much money on that one day, its good to be able to get some back or see items get used again!
Another reason that I see couples selling is because they don’t have a ton of storage space, they then run out of places to hide everything.

Now my wedding was quite a while ago ( nearly 11 years! ) but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of my dress or accessories! I always thought that they would be worn again.


So recently my oldest daughter made her communion and had picked out her dress, shoes and told me exactly how she wanted her hair ( she always knows what she wants! ) She didn’t want a veil, gloves or tiara.
We was very organised until a couple of days before the communion! She then decided she might have her hair different and wear a tiara!
This led to me digging out my wedding tiara so that she could see how she felt wearing one. She loved it!
It looked perfect with her dress and she decided she wanted to wear that one.

Here’s a picture of our wedding over 10 years ago and a picture of our oldest daughter a few weeks ago wearing the same tiara.
For me it’s been lovely to see her wear the same tiara! To know that we’ve both used it on special occasions! She now wants to us to keep it for her younger sister to wear on her communion day.
I love that we have these pictures to look back on!


Bridal wedding accessories picture
Wedding Tiara accessories
Communion photo using wedding accessories tiara
Using bridal accessories for a communion
If you don’t want to keep anything from your wedding then that’s fine. If you think some items could be used again then why not keep them? Use them for another special occasion for your child or another family member.
My daughter is now saying she wants this tiara for her wedding day! She may change her mind in 20 years though once she looks back at how the fashion has changed
Let us know if you used anything again from your wedding day? Or do you plan to keep items to pass on to someone else?
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Thanks for reading!
Michelle xxx



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