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The 5 Top Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding

The 5 Top Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding

Everyone wants to plan the perfect wedding day! The one problem with this is the amount of money it now costs to organize this. Most weddings cost thousands of pounds! Once we add everything up that we need to spend we find we need ways to save where we can.

We’ve put together our 5 top tips to save money on your wedding day to save you some of your cash!

1. Midweek Wedding – If possible try to avoid a weekend wedding. Lots of couples worry that guests wont come to a midweek wedding? Give them as much notice as you can so they can arrange time off or babysitters if needed. Another way to save is to go for a winter wedding! If you’re not set on a summer wedding then you could save a small fortune by booking a wedding out of season.

2. DIY – There are so many parts to your wedding that you can make yourself such as favours, decorations and flowers! The more that you can make yourself or with other family and friends, the more money you will save on your wedding! Don’t take on too much though as you don’t need the added stress before your big day. This idea is perfect for those who love to craft!

wedding table
Wedding table

3. Catering – Once you’ve looked at venues, price up a venue and outside catering to see if its cheaper. If your set on a certain venue but its expensive, check if any changes can be made to the package that they are offering? There may be extra charges for items such as table linen that you could maybe get cheaper elsewhere. Lots of couples miss out the meal at their wedding and decide on a buffet or bacon sandwiches later on in the day. This is fine but make sure you tell your guests that food will be late so they can get something at home before the ceremony. Some venues will let you bring your own alcohol to have with the meal. Check with them if there is a corkage fee before you do this as it can be quite expensive.

4. Wedding Party – How many bridesmaids and groomsmen do you really need? If you want 15 bridesmaids then this can add up quite quick once you have bought a dress, shoes and a gift for them all! Shop around for dresses in the sales or some bridesmaids are happy to buy their own dress that they can sell after the wedding. Most men will have a suit that they can use at home if you don’t mind them wearing them to save money on your wedding day. Try Asos for dresses and accessories at a reasonable price Asos

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes

5. Pre-Loved – Take a look at second-hand items for your wedding. There are some beautiful dresses out there that brides are selling for a very small amount compared to what they have paid. This is the same for your veil, accessories and shoes. Lots of couples find bargain items in charity shops! Do you have any family or friends that you could borrow anything from? Most people would be happy to see their clothes, accessories etc be used again and these items can be your something borrowed!

Let us know how you have saved money planning your wedding! Take a look at our 30 Things To Do Checklist to see if there’s anything you still need to plan! 30 Things To Do

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